Worth Consulting offers a complete solution for all your business needs. We can take you from bare ground all the way to store shelves. We understand the business of business. What can Worth Consulting help you with?

Equipment Fulfillment

We can help you decide what to buy. With all the new technology available today it’s easy to get lost in numbers. What, when, where, do you buy everything? How much does it cost? They may seem like simple questions but choosing the correct answers can make you or break you.

Marketing & Branding

It’s one thing to grow quality cannabis but selling it is a whole other subject. If you want people to perceive your product as better than your competition, you need to look the part.


There’s a lot that goes into the back-end of every farm. Managing plants seems obvious but managing people can be even more important. We can help you with every aspect of your business including human resources and training. Manage the people and the people will manage the plants.

OLCC Compliance

Understanding Oregon’s complex cannabis laws is crucial to every business. What good is growing the best products if you get shut down by the state. Compliance is a major aspect of everything from seed to shelf. Failure to adhere to Oregon’s standards can cost your business more than just money, it can cost you your livelihood.


Q: Will you teach us how to grow award-winning cannabis?
A: Yes, we will give you all the secrets we’ve learned over the years.

Q: Can you guarantee our labels will be OLCC compliant?
A: Yes, we can help you design and submit all your labels to the OLCC for proper approval. If the OLCC declines any submissions we will fix/adjust the labels and resubmit at no charge.

Q: Can you teach us how to qualify for “Clean Green” certification?
A: We will teach you how to grow organically without the use of harmful pesticides. All our methods are Clean Green certified, and we can help you obtain your own certificate.