Welcome To Worth Consulting

Worth Consulting can help your business grow in more ways than one. Our years of industry experience allows us to guide you to your ultimate goal of success in the cannabis industry. Why should you hire Worth Consulting? We’ve done this all before. Our specialists have won awards in everything from flower to photography. We’ve even won awards for our prerolls! Worth Consulting is about results, plain and simple. Let Worth Consulting take your business to the next level.


Worth Consulting believes in bringing out the best in people. We work closely with your team to help them grow and learn. Much of what needs to be learned, can’t be taught in books. It takes someone with both experience and patience to guide your staff in the right direction. Worth Consulting has come up with some simple guiding principles to work from.



Through the constant pursuit of perfection, exemplary products and processes will be achieved.

  • HEALTH – All food webs must thrive in balance.

  • Education – Always learn; educate ourselves and our tribes.

  • Collaboration – Work together to unlock potential, live authentically and build wisdom.